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Migrate AWS EBS Volume from gp2 to gp3. Save Up To 20% On Cost On EBS.

  • Elastic Block Storage (EBS) provides solid state drives (SSD) and hard disk drives (HDD) for EC2 instances.  In December 2020, AWS announced another volume type called General Purpose SSD (gp3).​
  • So now there are three volume types based on SSDs: gp2, gp3, and io2.
    Some guidance on how to select the volume type that fits best for your workload.
  • The volume type gp2 is outdated.  A gp3 volume is more cost-effective and predictable as it does not come with burstable performance.
  • The volume type io2 is expensive but much more durable. On top of that, an io2 volume provides a SLA on the provisioned throughput. Therefore, I recommend io2 for production-critical database workloads. 
  •  Once the logging is sent to one of the destinations , We can then use that data for further analysis.

You’ll save money on the upgrade from gp2 to gp3. Here I’ve mentioned price comparison – Mumbai region
gp2 cost : Storage = 0.114$ per GB month
gp3 cost : Storage = 0.0912$ per GB month


While AWS says gp3 delivers up to 20% lower price-point over gp2, in reality the price advantage is somewhere between 7 and 20% depending on IOPS  and throughput required in addition to baseline.

Changes By AWS CLI

Using the AWS CLI, you can change the volume type with a command like that below:

$ aws ec2 modify-volume –volume-type gp3 -volume-id vol-11111111111111111

To check progress of the modification (e.g. percent complete, and start/end times), use the command below:

$ aws ec2 describe-volumes-modifications –volume-id vol-11111111111111111

Changes By AWS GUI

Precaution – Take a snapshot of volume which you change volume type. It’s optional. Refer below image, to get idea about changes,