BigFish Benefits modernize aws infra to improve performance efficiency, scalability and continuous monitoring.

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CloudOps, Migration, Devops, Continuous monitoring.

Benefits Summary

  • Plan& Build
  • Migration
  • Build pipeline
  • Improved & speedy continuous deployment
  • Continuous monitoring for AWS infra, asset discovery & cost analysis
  • Saved 25% AWS monthly cost
  • Improved under utilized resources

About BigFish

Big Fish is a carefully formulated solution for the evolving workplace atmosphere in India. A tool to change the dialogue between the maker and manager in every organization to achieve greater results by keeping employees inspired.


Big Fish Benefits had an architecture that was not highly available or scalable for more application traffic & monthly cost is increasing.

BigFish Benefits wanted to restructure their current AWS infra with CIS compliant and 24×7 monitoring.

They also wanted to be able to deploy new infrastructure and application versions more rapidly in an automated fashion, using a CI/CD solution.

In Gmetrics  & Logviu tool, we are monitoring & analyzing-

  • public & private EC2 & RDS instances, S3 monitoring , 
  • Operating system, web & mobile application services monitoring,
  • Components monitoring – Apache, JVM, Redis,
  • Monitor Domain and SSL certificate expiry,
  • Application log analyzing.

BigFish leveraged several Amazon Web Services-

  • Amazon EC2,
  • Amazon RDS,
  • Amazon ALB,
  • Amazon WAF, Cloudfront,
  • Amazon VPC,
  • Amazon S3,
  • Amazon application & database migration,
  • AWS cost monitoring & optimization

Groots included value added third party tool for automation & 360 Observability-

  • Terraform- An infrastructure-as-code (IaC) tool that allows bigfish to create, manipulate its AWS infrastructure.
  • Gmetrics – AWS Infra & application performance monitoring.
  • Logviu – AWS discovery, Application log analysis.

Groots CloudOps solution architect for Bigfish application-

Groots  proposed a scalable and highly-available architecture for path base web & mobile application, consisting in a Web layer (ALB + Auto Scaling Group), and an Application layer for (ALB + Auto Scaling Group). 

Groots incorporated many thing like, multiple AWS services automation by Terraform, web app automation by Ansible with CI/CD solution for deployments. High Availability – Multiple availability zones and backup/restore strategies provided maximum resilience to server failure.

Enhanced database performance – Database tuning, replication and encryption services improved performance. The Terraform deployment mechanism now allows fully infrastructure deployments together with new versions of the application (for major application version changes), and the ability to roll-back within minutes. The Terraform deployment was enabled for most of the layers (Web, App, DB and Cache layers).

At the same time, gitlab CI/CD used for situations when minor or patch versions need to be deployed quickly in a rolling fashion and with roll-back capabilities.

Bottom Line

  • Automated Infrastructure,
  • Rapid application deployment including small database patches,
  • CIS compliant,
  • Implemented Groots monitoring 24×7 solution,
  • Provide on going support, to monitor & optimized AWS environment

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