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Groots Cloud Cost Optimization Success Story

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Brandbuddiez Cost Optimization Success Story

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About Brandbuddiez

Brandbuddiez is a provider of end-to-end e-commerce solutions, dedicated to empowering brands with comprehensive online capabilities. From crafting bespoke e-commerce websites to managing intricate backend operations, including product inquiries, order management, and timely deliveries, Brandbuddiez ensures seamless customer experiences. Moreover, their platform boasts an array of cutting-edge features, such as a shop demonstrator app, an affiliate marketing platform, and a robust CRM engine, empowering brands to drive digital programs with both internal and external partners.

Benefit Of Cloud Cost Optimization

Effective cloud security includes encryption, authentication, access control, & compliance measures to ensure data privacy.

Scalability of the application server, ensuring seamless growth and performance.

EC2 service spend decreased by 40%
from the previous month.

We engaged with Groots for cost optimization as well as infrastructure uptime. Groots provided premium support for us and saved the cost and boosted our cloud journey.
Deepak Joshi

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With a growing clientele and the increasing complexity of e-commerce operations, Brandbuddiez faced two critical challenges: the need for scalable infrastructure to handle varying application demands and the necessity to optimize cloud costs to stay within their budget.

Why AWS and Groots?

Recognizing the unique demands of Brandbuddiez, Groots took on the challenge and designed a comprehensive cloud strategy that would revolutionize their e-commerce infrastructure. Leveraging the robust capabilities of AWS and the power of Cloudnetra, Groots introduced a transformative solution that addressed both scalability and cost optimization.

The Benefits​

  • Auto Scaling for Uninterrupted Performance: Groots seamlessly integrated an auto-scaling mechanism into Brandbuddiez’s e-commerce applications. The dynamic auto-scaling feature allowed the application to intelligently adjust its resources based on varying customer demands. During peak periods, the application automatically scales up to meet heavy traffic, ensuring smooth user experiences. Conversely, during periods of lower activity, the application scaled down its resources, reducing operational costs and optimizing cloud spending.
  • Cost Optimization and Budget Compliance: Collaborating closely with Brandbuddiez, Groots meticulously tagged their cloud services and instances according to AWS standards. This categorization provided Brandbuddiez with a deep understanding of their cloud costs, enabling them to allocate expenses on a per-application basis accurately. By gaining full visibility into their cloud spending patterns, Brandbuddiez could proactively optimize costs while staying within their budgetary constraints.
  • Driving Omnichannel Success: The Groots solution went beyond mere scalability and cost optimization. By implementing Cloudnetra’s advanced features, Brandbuddiez gained the ability to manage all consumer touchpoints seamlessly. The built-in shop demonstrator app, affiliate marketing platform, and CRM engine allowed brands to effortlessly drive digital programs with internal and external partners, creating a cohesive omnichannel experience for their customers.



    With Groots’ expertise, Brandbuddiez achieved not only optimized scalability and cloud cost management but also unlocked the potential for omnichannel success. By embracing state-of-the-art cloud solutions, Brandbuddiez stands as a prime example of how technology-driven strategies can enhance e-commerce operations, elevate customer experiences, and drive business growth. The partnership between Groots and Brandbuddiez continues to thrive, constantly innovating and setting new benchmarks in the e-commerce landscape.