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Groots Cloud Cost Optimization Success Story

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To gain detailed visibility into AWS costs and enhance cost optimization.

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Fleeca Cost Optimization Success Story

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About Fleeca:

Fleeca, a prominent fintech startup, embarked on a journey towards cloud cost optimization and improved application hosting clarity. Seeking a solution to optimize their cloud expenses, Fleeca partnered with Groots, a trusted cloud optimization service provider. Together, they leveraged AWS’s consolidated billing for multi-account support and embarked on a path of cost efficiency and enhanced visibility.

Benefit Of Cloud Cost Optimization

Utilize storage classes like Glacier for archival data to cut down costs

Utilize auto-scaling for compute resources based on real-time demand

Monitoring and Alerts : Notify and prevent unexpected costs

Major savings by spotting unused resources

Perform rightsizing analysis to match compute resources

Since 2022, We engaged with Groots for cost optimization as well as infrastructure uptime. Groots provided premium support for us and saved the cost and boosted our cloud journey.
Tikam Jain

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Before partnering with Groots, Fleeca faced challenges in understanding and managing their servers and cloud costs effectively. The lack of clarity on application hosting costs made it difficult for them to optimise their resources efficiently. They required a comprehensive approach to identify cost wastage and find ways to reduce unnecessary expenditures across their cloud infrastructure.

The Groots Solution

Groots, a seasoned AWS partner, provided Fleeca with a strategic and tailored approach to address its cloud cost optimization needs. The Groots team collaborated closely with Fleeca’s experts to gather detailed information about their hosted applications . They then meticulously tagged the services and instances based on AWS standards, enabling better cost allocation and analysis.
Furthermore, Groots implemented a compute rightsizing and remote wastage service called Cloudnetra. which offered Fleeca cloud costing for each of their hosted services. This allowed Fleeca to gain deeper insights into its cloud expenditure, enabling more effective budget allocation. Cloudnetra is used to tackle cloud cost segregation. This invaluable feature provided Fleeca with a unified dashboard across multiple AWS accounts. The dashboard facilitated easy tracking of usage and helped them combine their resources for volume pricing discounts. With Cloudnetra, Fleeca could now rightsized their compute resources, ensuring they only paid for what they needed, reducing unnecessary expenses.
Improved Visibility and Reporting:
Every month, Groots shared his Cloud Cost Optimization strategy (CCO Action plan) with fleeca.

With Groots’ Cloudnetra, Fleeca gained enhanced visibility into their AWS costs and asset utilization monthly. The detailed insights allowed Fleeca to make data-driven decisions to further optimize its cloud infrastructure. Groots took on the responsibility of reporting monthly to the Fleeca executive team, providing ongoing cost analysis compared to budget, and forecasting changes.

The Results​

  1. Cost Clarity: The expertly-tagged services and instances allowed Fleeca to gain deep clarity into their cloud costs, making it easier to manage and optimize their expenses.
  2. Efficient Cost Allocation: With the segregated cloud cost information, Fleeca could allocate cloud expenses to individual clients accurately, streamlining their billing process.
  3. Compute Rightsizing: By leveraging Cloudnetra, Fleeca identified and right-sized their compute resources, eliminating wastage and optimizing performance.
  4. Enhanced Visibility: Cloudnetra provided Fleeca with a comprehensive view of their AWS assets and cost utilization, empowering them to make informed decisions.
  5. Cost Optimization and Savings: Through Groots’ recommendations and ongoing support, Fleeca reduced their cloud expenses significantly, leading to considerable cost savings.
  6. Groots have secured the database and converted servers from public to private, which is critical for security.

Customers Conclusion:

The collaboration between Fleeca and Groots has been transformative, helping Fleeca achieve a new level of cloud cost efficiency and transparency. With Groots’ expertise and the innovative solutions offered through  Cloudnetra, Fleeca has successfully optimized its cloud costs and gained unparalleled clarity on application hosting expenses. As a result, Fleeca is now better positioned to focus on its core business, drive innovation, and continue its journey of success in the fintech landscape.


Cost Savings: Cloud cost optimization helps businesses reduce unnecessary expenses and allocate resources more efficiently.

Lower cloud  bills : 

By identifying and eliminating wastage, rightsizing resources, companies can significantly lower their cloud bills

Scalability: Cost optimization allows businesses to scale their cloud resources up or down as needed without incurring unnecessary costs

Business Agility: Cost optimization allows businesses to be more agile in their operations.

Cost Transparency for Clients: Cost optimization provides cost transparency for businesses that offer cloud-based services to their clients.