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Orbis migrated mission critical web application on AWS

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Flewber is a online flight, private jet booking Company.



Featured Services

  •  Three-Tier Architecture,
  • Data migration,
  • Very Less Latency  in Constant delivery
  • Cost Optimization
    Security with well architected AWS infrastructure
  • Gmetrics and Logviu monitoring.

Benefits Summary

  • Plan & Build
  • Proof of concept
  • Data & app migration.
  • Improved product feature reliability & availability
  • Build pipeline Improved & speedy continuous deployment
  • Complete AWS infra monitoring, discovery & cost analysis

About Flewber

 The Flewber  is an on-demand chartered plane booking application. It provides short segment flight booking facility in Northeast (US).


  • High latency to load application,
  • Need improved performance of application,
  • Scalability and High availability of api servers.

Why AWS & GrootsClouds

  • Flewber required a well AWS architect-ed with highly secured, application scalability like, to scale up application to increase end user management, improve performance.
  • For security aspect, at initial level we have deployed the Flewber infrastructure with the combination of public-private network using NAT gateway, and good management security group.
  • We have setup 3-tier architecture with in multi AZ as well as application load balancing which will avoid traffic load.
  • We have implemented infrastructure according UAT and production environment.

They leverage several more AWS Services -

  • Amazon EC2, 
  • Amazon RDS, 
  • Amazon ALB,
  • Amazon WAF, Cloudfront, 
  • Amazon VPC, 
  • Amazon S3, 
  • Amazon application & database migration,
  • AWS cost monitoring & optimization 

The company’s solution stacks also includes - 360 Observability.​

  • Gmetrics – Infra & application monitoring,
  • Logviu – AWS discovery, AWS cost explorer, Application log analysis

GrootsClouds Solution Architecture for Flewber Application

  • Application migration on AWS North Virginia region to host applications, since the user base is US.
  • Hosted all api servers behind the load balancer in private subnets across different availability zones (AZ) to reduce latency.
  • Deployed api servers in auto-scaling groups for scalability and high availability.
  • Applied AWS Certificate Manager on load balancer to securely manage SSL certificates.
  • Used load balancers to offload SSL certificates and send traffic to the appropriate instance.
  • Used MongoDB Atlas cluster to ensure high availability of the global database.
  • Used AWS S3 service, to store daily backup & snapshot.
  • Existing Flewber application stack was migrated from single ec2 server hosted to distributed manner using micro services, following best practices for, migrating, configuring, and deploying application.