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Groots is proud to announce our partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), joining the prestigious Amazon Partner Network (APN). Our ongoing partnership with AWS and Redington allows us to offer our AWS managed services and management solutions to AWS customers, making optimization more accessible and efficient than ever before.

The Amazon Partner Network is a global partner program that provides business, technical, marketing and go-to-market support for AWS qualified partners. This achievement in our partnership with AWS reaffirms the strength of our AWS-based business and highlights our expertise. This also enables us to differentiate our solution with new features, new functionalities and deliver greater value to our mutual customers.

Here are some key benefits you can anticipate as a result of our partnership with AWS APN:

  1. Expanded Solution Portfolio:  With access to AWS’s comprehensive suite of cloud services, we can offer an even wider range of solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you require robust infrastructure, data management, security, or AI-driven capabilities, our enhanced portfolio has you covered.
  2. Unmatched Scalability: AWS’s global infrastructure empowers us to scale our services seamlessly, ensuring your applications and workloads can adapt to the ever-changing demands of your business. You can enjoy the flexibility and agility needed to respond rapidly to market dynamics.
  3. Enhanced Security and Compliance: Our partnership with AWS APN enables us to incorporate industry-leading security measures and compliance standards into our solutions. You can rest assured knowing that your data and systems are safeguarded by the most robust security protocols available.
  4. Access to AWS Expertise: We now have direct access to AWS’s extensive network of certified professionals and technical experts. This means that our team can leverage their knowledge and guidance to deliver solutions that are optimized, efficient, and aligned with best practices.
“We’re excited to become part of the AWS Partner Network and to have Groots acknowledged by AWS for the value we provide,” said Kalpak, Founder of Groots. “The recognition of Groots as a trusted APN Technology partner is further evidence of Groots innovation and excellence in the CloudOps field.”

We are genuinely excited about our new chapter in our journey, and we believe that our partnership with AWS APN will have a transformative impact on our ability to serve you better. We are launching our cloud observability management solutions which is now accessible, and also compatible with AWS.

Stay tuned for upcoming announcements regarding the integration of AWS services into our solutions. We are confident that these advancements will elevate your experience and propel your business forward.