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Dashboard Improvements-

Exciting dashboard updates include cloud account filters and a multiple visualization graph. Plus, take advantage of the new Metrics dashboards’ flexible design.

Metrics Configuration Onboarded:

Turn on the metrics configuration feature, which enables automatic monitoring of websites, Linux operating systems, and AWS EKS with an integrated alerting framework.

The newly added metric collector makes it easier for you to use our robust Linux, website, and AWS EKS dashboard. 

The Open Telemetry component can assist you in gathering system performance data with the new metric collector.  

This collector, a preset of the OpenTelemetry collector, is intended to improve your open telemetry data and allow you to view it in the pre-build dashboard and push it to CloudNetra Metric Store with ease. The open telemetry configuration can be made simpler by starting with the Metric Collector.

Wastage Tracker Improvements-

The current view is enhanced with a new “Wastage Tracker.” Detailing is where card view really shines. We plan to include filters based on cost sorting and AWS service basis in the upcoming release.

Cloud Connector Improvements-

For your CloudNetra account, setting up multiple AWS accounts is simple. The AWS Accounts tab will display a list of all of your accounts. In order to deploy CloudNetra settings into your account and read service usage data, we have integrated and automated AWS CloudFormation.

See All Of Your Multiple AWS Services In One Place-

Upcoming Q3-2023 Highlighted Features

Newly introduce few things into Cloud Optimizer, like:

  • Notification and reporting area based on assets, costs, and compliances
  • Quota and Budget, which allows you to easily monitor both your cost Budget and your Asset Quota through a vital alerting system.
  • With Cloud Guard, you can take preventative measures before attacks or outages happen.
  • Multi tenancy / role based access control
  • Newly introduce additional plugin into Metrics like-
  • Window Operating System
  • Red Hat/ CentOS/ Amazon Linux
  • AWS CloudWatch
  • Jenkins