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E-commerce application migration on AWS & accelerate online delivery business


Organic Product, E-Commerce




Deliver an e-commerce platform on AWS that optimizes cloud costs, an improves underutilized resources.

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Benefits Summary

Saved 29% AWS monthly cost Improved under utilized resources Reduce shop maintenance & manpower Improve online delivery

About Arjun E-commerce

Group Arjun is a pune base business group and Ayurveda distributor. It invests in retailers & shopping, and sell organic products.


  • To expand the sources of income for the store owners in their malls or shops, Group Arjun launched a application to build and deliver an e-commerce platform.
  • The objective was to provide not only a web platform but the entire logistics process, from collecting orders in stores to delivering them to customers.
  • They needed an adaptive platform – built to provide online delivery, flexibility, security compliance, cost optimization, and high performance – to support their growth objectives. 
  • With the start of the COVID-19 crisis, they decided to accelerate the launch of the platform due to the significant reduction in foot traffic to traditional shopping malls impacting its retailers.


  • Based on a finding and demand of online platform we recommended aws solution with combination of static and dynamic objects diversification over S3 & EC2 with the database structuring, migrate to RDS.
  • Group Arjun is now using Gmetrics & Logviu for continuous support of application traffic monitoring, AWS asset & cost monitoring, to get delivery statistics report. 
  • We helped Group Arjun to achieve monthly AWS cost saving & increase online business.
  • Groots CloudOps followed best practices of automation workflow & rules.