Is it the right time to move on Cloud? How will you get benefit from Cloud during Covid19 pandemic?

What is the cloud?

Cloud computing is a mixture of technology services and infrastructure that are provided over the internet. Data is stored off-site, minimizing risks and costs. Traditional alternative is “on-prem” (on-premises) infrastructure, meaning hardware will be in your offices or on the premises of an outsourced computing provider. Cloud facilities and services can include servers, storage, databases, networking, software, security, analytics and intelligence. Customers can just use web browser to access cloud services and manage their accounts.

Why should I move to the cloud?

Cloud computing resources follow a pay-as-you-go pricing model just like electricity and water bill. It is easy to test multiple configuration in a prototype environment with very little investment and in few minutes.

Should I move to the cloud?

Yes of course, Cloud environment are ideal for horizontally and Vertically scaling architecture. we don’t have to calculate months ahead on what our hardware, Storage, and networking needs are going to be. We can programmatically access more of these resources from shared pools within AWS and Azure, Google almost instantly.

On-premises data centre, the IT team has to build and Manage everything. whether the team is building proprietary solution from scratch or purchasing commercial Software products, they have to install and manage one to many servers, develop and install software, ensure that the proper levels of security are applied, apply patches routinely(Operating systems, firmware, application, database and so on), and much more. each cloud service model provides levels of abstraction and automation for these tasks, thus providing more agility to the cloud service consumers so they can focus more time on their business problems and less time on managing infrastructure.

Increases mobility and Valid for any pandemic like Covid19.

One of the advantages of cloud computing for businesses is how easily team members can work from anywhere. This is particularly valuable in an era when employees desire flexibility in their schedules and work environment. Businesses that operate on the cloud can provide staff with options to work on the go or at home, from their desktops, laptops, smart phones and tablets.

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