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Groots Cloud Cost Optimization Success Story

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To control cost and move monolithic way of architecture to orchestration way of architecture.

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BigFish Cost Optimization Success Story

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About BigFish
Bigfish provides employee engagement software to multiple organizations. The startup aims to increase customers’ productivity by providing employee engagement solutions that are reliable and convenient.

A tool to change the dialogue between the maker and manager in every organization to achieve greater results by keeping employees inspired.

Benefit Of Cloud Cost Optimization

Tracing wastages like under-utilized compute resources & storage.

Consolidated billing: Simplified billing with volume discounts.

Improved visibility into AWS assets & costs

EC2 service spend decreased by 20% with the new infra setup.

AWS Region spend decreased by 18% from the new infra setup.

In 2017, we engaged with Groots for cost optimization as well as infrastructure uptime. Groots provided premium support for us and saved the cost and boosted our cloud journey.
Abhijeet Shinde

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To gain more control by moving the approach of monolithic to orchestration way without gaining too much of cost as compared with older setup.

Why AWS and Groots?

The company had an ongoing relationship with Groots that began in 2017 when they asked Groots to perform Cloud cost optimization, Infrastructure management and Monitoring of their Infra and also application stack using their application logs separately.

Based on AWS standard and recommendation, the company asked Groots to provide cost optimization service to help reduce their cost as well as on the basis of application hosting to get more clarity of compute costing and also causing new Devops technology such as kubernetes orchestration using AWS EKS service, ELK stack for logs and Grafana for Infra monitoring.

The Benefits​

Teaming with Groots, have given Bigfish an enhanced Cost optimization and better deployment method with rollback method for their product.

[A] AWS Infra setup: 

       Using the monolithic way which was the previous setup done for the client. Was not up to the mark as accepted.

         Bigfish does face multiple challenges based on deployment and managing older versions as well using Gitlab as an source code and also Pipeline build and deployment method.

         Also, deployment downtime was higher and application testing was also higher.

  To overcome this type of challenge for the product-based company was stuff and also we have introduced with the Bigfish team about orchestration methods such as Kubernetes which served their application modules service wise and instantly deployment without any downtime needed, Cost optimization and Better Log and monitoring management.

[B] AWS EKS Logs and Infra management:

         Using Groots in-house tool of Cloudnetra we were able to manage their cost optimization and also infra details based on the current Orchestration method.

         For the Logs management, we have created separate service-wise modules in the ELK stack which is another in-house product wherein the Customer is satisfied with the logs management to diagnose the root cause of it.

         For the infra management, the Grafana tool has been implemented within our Cloudnetra application to enhance the infra monitoring of the Kubernetes Pods, namespaces, cluster and also Master-Slave Linux servers.

         With Groots NOC team 24X7 has been set up to monitor client-based application logs and infra monitoring whether is based on common Domain and application-related monitoring such as SSL, Domain, etc.

[C] Cost optimization:

         After moving from Monolithic architecture to Orchestration architecture, Bigfish has some reduction in the cost of up to 20% to 30% from the current cost of AWS.