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Groots Cloud Cost Optimization Success Story

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To gain detailed visibility into AWS costs and enhance cost optimization.

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Hindavi Cost Optimization Success Story

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About Hindavi
Hindavi Technologies is a design product oriented company established in the US, Canada, UK, UAE & Australia.

Benefit Of Cloud Cost Optimization

13% savings on AWS compute & 24% savings on overall AWS bill

Volume pricing discounts & single bill simplicity with AWS consolidated billing

Improved visibility into AWS assets & costs

Since 2018, Groots has been there for us to enhance our infrastructure in alignment with the AWS Well-Architected Framework. They continue to advise us on new ways to optimize our AWS costs, the latest being AWS consolidated billing, to help fuel our continued success by CloudNetra.
Dr. Rohan Karnataki

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Challenge:  To get the deep clarity of cloud costing as well as to segregate the cloud services cost on the basis of hosted applications.

Why AWS and Groots?
Recently, Groots introduced Hindavi to AWS consolidated billing for multi-account to help them optimize their costs. The company had an ongoing relationship with Groots that began in 2018 when they asked Groots to perform cloud optimization of their usage.
Based on the AWS standard and recommendation, the company asked Groots to provide cost optimization service to help them reduce cloud cost as well as on the basis of application hosting to get more clarity of compute costing.

The Benefits​
Teaming with Groots, Leading event base company Hinavi now has enhanced cost optimization. The project has yielded numerous benefits:

  • AWS Tagging: Our expert gathered all the information about hosted applications & usage. Then we planned and sat together to tag the services & instances on the basis of AWS standards.
    Our team provides the cloud costing for those services which they segregate the cloud cost for their own client.
  • Compute rightsizing & remote wastage services: As a free service of Groots, the feature of Cloudnetra gives the company one dashboard with easy tracking across multiple accounts, and the ability to combine their usage across all accounts to gain volume pricing discounts.
  • Improved visibility into AWS costs by Cloudnetra: Using Cloudnetra, Hinavi team gets the complete view of AWS assets & cost utilization, the company now can track the charges across multiple accounts. As well as get the clarity of compliances like AWS CIS benchmark.