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To migrate lead capture application on AWS, automate infra deployment & application build speed.

CloudOps | Devops | Gmetrics | Logviu | NOC


Hindavi technologies is a design product oriented company with established in US, Canada, UK, UAE & Australia.


NY, USA, Pune, India

Featured Services

  •  Three-Tier Architecture,
  • Data migration,
  • Optimization, 
  • Gitlab,
  • CI/CD, 
  • Security with well architected AWS infrastructure

Benefits Summary

  • Proof of concept
  • Data & app migration.
  • Improved product feature reliability & availability
  • Build pipeline
  • Improved & speedy continuous deployment
  • Complete AWS infra monitoring, discovery & cost analysis

About Lead Capture App

Lead capture app has a robust backend system to handle visitors data online or offline and manage exhibitors, both staff information.

Xporience application website –https://xporience.com


Infrastructure modernization to improve efficiency & scalability.

Support rapid business growth by supercharging the performance, availability & disaster recovery management of SAAS energy optimized products.

Why AWS & GrootsClouds

Hindavi want well AWS architected with highly secured, application scalability like, to scale up application to increase end user management, improve performance.

Hindavi leveraged several more AWS Services -

  • Amazon EC2, 
  • Amazon RDS, 
  • Amazon ALB,
  • Amazon WAF, Cloudfront, 
  • Amazon VPC, 
  • Amazon S3, 
  • Amazon application & database migration,
  • AWS cost monitoring & optimization

The company’s solution stacks also includes - 360 Observability.​

  • Hashicorp Terraform,
  • Gmetrics – Infra & application monitoring,
  • Logviu – AWS discovery, Application log analysis.

GrootsClouds Solution Architecture for Lead Capture Application

Hindavi required a modernized application architecture to improve performance efficiency and scalability, with security.Groots partnered with Hindavi to build out an UAT setup using terraform, and perform infrastructure build out and migration into prod environment.

Existing xporience application migrated from single ec2 server setup into distributed manner using micro services, following best practices for, migrating, configuring, and deploying application.

Groots revamped Lead Capture CI/CD by implementing new CI/CD pipelines in Gitlab for all services in the stack (porting the functionalities formerly handled by Jenkins), migrating source code from local desktop machine to GitLab, and integrating the existing monitoring and log aggregation tools (Gmetrics & Logviu) with the new architecture.

Lead Capture application new architecture includes an Amazon VPC with two Availability Zone (AZs) on AWS within the Auto Scaling group.A private subnet resides in each AZ. Load balancing is handled by AWS ALB