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The Rajdeep automation is an automation products and service provider catering to total industry needs for company all over India. Rajdeep’s range of services provides a total solution approach to meet customer’s needs.


The Rajdeep want to use open source base HRMS system to meet organization need, so they could find the best way to easily use on AWS, customize and integrate plugin as well as backup, and alert on the services delivered to the greater functionality. Ideally, Rajdeep wanted to find who will handle complete cycle of support and monitor back end running services that would be easy for their team. Ultimately, they needed to manage open source HRMS on SAAS solution.


Rajdeep team already evaluated HRMS Sentrifugo on local system that’s called POC, but on the production system Rajdeep want to manage backup, HRM recovery if issue comes, as well as they want 24×7 monitoring. Additionally, they manage HRMS process it self, they do not have expertise to manage open source OS as well as HRMS.


We deployed HRMS Sentrifugo on AWS solution. We did a great job of managing and monitoring OS and HRMS running services 24×7. We provided open source HRMS Sentrifugo support as well as Groots 24×7 MONITORING & ALERTING Solution.


“Groots helpend us increase our IT infra productivity by manage AWS service. CRM and HRMS manage on a single instance with minimum compute resources,” said Rajdeep Co-founder. It gave us a relatively easy way to access application and backup on separate storage instead of local drive. It gave us separate Groots Monitoring dashboard to watch AWS cloud health, analysis OS parameter as well as running services.