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IMP Note:

Standard support for the Amazon Linux AMI ended on December 31, 2020. The Amazon Linux AMI is now in a maintenance support phase which also ends on December 31, 2023, After that, AWS will no longer add support for new EC2 instance types, new AWS services and features, and new packages.so it is strongly recommended to upgrade Amazon Linux1  to Amazon Linux 2.

1] Support Ended for Amazon Linux AMI:
  • Update Jan 4, 2021 – The Amazon Linux AMI ended its standard support on December 31, 2020, and has entered a maintenance support phase.
  • Updated 13 January 2023 – Amazon Linux 1 (Amazon Linux AMI) extended maintenance support period ends on December 31, 2023. Amazon Linux 1 goes End of Life (EOL). Amazon has also released Amazon Linux 2022. You have the option to upgrade to Amazon Linux 2 or Amazon Linux 2022.
2] Support Available for Amazon Linux 2:

Amazon Linux 2 end of support date (End of Life, or EOL) has to be 2025-06-30 to provide customers with ample time to migrate to the next version.

3] Benefits of  Amazon Linux 2 over Amazon Linux AMI :

Amazon Linux 2 supports the latest Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instance features and includes packages that enable easy integration with AWS. It is optimized for use in Amazon EC2 with the latest and tuned Linux kernel version. As a result, many customer workloads perform better on Amazon Linux 2. Amazon Linux 2 offers will be supported until June 30, 2025, with security and maintenance updates. Amazon Linux 2 is available as on-prem virtual machine images allowing local development and testing.

  • Amazon Linux 2 offers long-term support until June 30, 2025.
  • Amazon Linux 2 is available as virtual machine images for on-premises development and testing.
  • Amazon Linux 2 provides the system service and systems manager as opposed to the System V init system in Amazon Linux AMI.
  • Amazon Linux 2 comes with an updated Linux kernel, C library, compiler, and tools.
  • Amazon Linux 2 provides the ability to install additional software packages through the extras mechanism.
4] Long-Term Support  for Amazon Linux 2:
  • AWS will provide security updates and bug fixes for all packages in core until June 30, 2025.
  • AWS will maintain user-space Application Binary Interface (ABI) compatibility for the following packages in core:

elfutils-libelf, glibc, glibc-utils, hesiod, krb5-libs, libgcc, libgomp, libstdc++, libtbb.so, libtbbmalloc.so, libtbbmalloc_proxy.so, libusb, libxml2, libxslt, pam, audit-libs, audit-libs-python, bzip2-libs, c-ares, clutter, cups-libs, cyrus-sasl-gssapi, cyrus-sasl-lib, cyrus-sasl-md5, dbus-glib, dbus-libs, elfutils-libs, expat, fuse-libs, glib2, gmp, gnutls, httpd, libICE, libSM, libX11, libXau, libXaw, libXext, libXft, libXi, libXinerama, libXpm, libXrandr, libXrender, libXt, libXtst, libacl, libaio, libatomic, libattr, libblkid, libcap-ng, libdb, libdb-cxx, libgudev1, libhugetlbfs, libnotify, libpfm, libsmbclient, libtalloc, libtdb, libtevent, libusb, libuuid, ncurses-libs, nss, nss-sysinit, numactl, openssl, p11-kit, papi, pcre, perl, perl-Digest-SHA, perl-Time-Piece, perl-libs, popt, python, python-libs, readline, realmd, ruby, scl-utils, sqlite, systemd-libs, systemtap, tcl, tcp_wrappers-libs, xz-libs, and zlib

  • AWS will provide Application Binary Interface (ABI) compatibility for all other packages in core unless providing such compatibility is not possible for reasons beyond AWS’s control.

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