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In Covid19, challenge face by educational institutes,

  1. On premise infra recurring maintenance, 
  2. Technological challenges like up-gradation, 
  3. Regular check up, 
  4. High accessibility and 24*7 availability, 
  5. High level investment, 
  6. Security-related vulnerabilities and disaster-related challenges without compromising on performance, 
  7. Continuous monitoring on all whole infrastructure. 

AWS Adoption & Benefits,

Adoption of cloud platform to gain multiple benefits on the table. Cloud platform provides virtualiaze infra for students and teachers, which they help on education.
  1. Pay per usage model,
  2. Easy migration methods on AWS,
  3. Easy Instances launch & maintenance,
  4. As per requirement scale up infrastructure
  5. Content base routing, auto managed load balancer,
  6. Better performance,
  7. Cost effective storage which help in backup & restoration,
  8. Keep a eye on all infrastructure using single dashboard,
  9. Cost saving in infrastructure & much more.
Groots CloudOps Help To Educational Institutions,
  1. Cloud migration & strategy,
  2. Cloud deployment,
  3. Infra & application deployment automation,
  4. Usage of CI & CD,
  5. Manage solution,
  6. Cloud security,
  7. Continuous monitoring.