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Month Of Jan

The Groots Cloud Services started the year in a contemplative mood, thirsty for tools to give them deeper insights from their data, and more holistic views of client environments. The top stories of the month were:

  • Total visibility from a single screen like cloud assets, cloud cost, cloud security, cloud wastage, and cloud monitoring.
  • CloudNetra integrated the GuardDuty service from AWS Security Hub, which allows you to see and receive responses to things instantly via email or Slack.
  • Supercharge your cloud security, we incorporate SOC2 checklist and CIS version 1.5 into the Compliances section to provide you with security visibility of your AWS Cloud environment.
    • Our approach is agentless scanning, unified view, automated and continuous monitoring.
  • Announcement of the release of new open-source plugin packages in the Metrics section.
    • A comprehensive view of database performance and immediate alerting are provided for databases such as MYSQL and PostgresQL.
    • Docker monitoring: obtain a comprehensive overview of both the performance status of containers and Docker service.
    • Web protocols monitoring such as NGINX and APACHE provide a comprehensive view of the status of service uptime and web request traffic monitoring.
  • Adding a reporting feature for Metrics