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FAQ - Log Group Suddenly Increase In My Cloud Watch Bill?

Impact – My Amazon cloud watch bill is unusually high.

Question – How you can determine which log group is causing CloudWatch bill?

Finding – In billing, if you check cost explorer, and suddenly increased Cloudwatch bill due to the ingested or storage data in a particular log group.Check CloudWatch bill and their usage, and find out which log group responsible for bill increase.


Check the billing details for CloudWatch events:

1.Open the Amazon billing dashboard.
2. Click on bill details.
3. Select month for billing details.
4. Expand CloudWatch service.
5. Expand AWS region.
6. Check cost and data ingested for particular events. ex.- Amazon. CloudWatch Put Log Events.

Check which Cloudwach log group ingesting more data

1. Open the Amazon CloudWatch console.
2. In the navigation pane, choose All Metrics, select Logs and then select Log Group Metrics.
3. For each of log groups, select the Incoming Bytes metric, and then choose the Graphed metrics tab.
4. For Statistic, choose Sum.
5. For Period, choose 30 Days.
6. Choose the Graph options tab and choose Number.
7. At the top right of the graph, choose custom, and then choose Absolute. Select a start and end date that corresponds with the last 30 days.

8. Check the size of data ingested by logs in graph.

9. Further take action to stop or disable Cloudwatch log group from service to reduce unncessary costs.


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